Croydon Waste LTD   Terms & Conditions


Croydon Waste  is a trading name of Croydon Waste Ltd. Company number 12702919 , Environment Agency Licence: CBDU421206 VAT REG NO: 376 616957 Registered Address: 61 Bridge Street, Kington, HR5 3DJ 



Price estimates are given in good faith. All prices that are given before work is conducted are estimates and not quotations unless specifically stated in writing. Final size, weight and onsite location are the determinant of final prices.


Our prices include  VAT which is chargeable at 20%

In most circumstances were possibly we would aim to arrive empty and charge in accordance to space and weight used in reference to the capacity of the van.Our minimum charge is £49+ VAT. Waste collection prices are calculated by mass size, location, and the weight. This is what directly affects the price of a waste collection. Prices charged for work completed are a combination of weight, per caged tipper truck in mass size, and maximum work hours as relevant to the collection size.Where we charge in accordance to space capacity and weight. Should a clearance fall between ½ van load ¾ van load charge. The amount due would be the numeric value between these charges. If you wish for your load to be certified in weight, you must provide us with notice that this is the case. We will then have to arrange for your load to be carried separately from any other waste loads. We will then use the readings from waste transfer stations scales to price you a specifically based on this weight. This option is not always available due to the availability of vehicles and the run of the day. We ask for 72-hour notice for such an arrangement request. We also charge £50 admin fee for such a request in addition to the price that is based on volume and weight. 



Payment shall be made at time of collection unless specifically agreed in writing or you are an account holder with Croydon Waste.

If payments are not made on time by account holders, we reserve the right to charge £50 administration fee per week in addition to an overall 7% surcharge charge.

In the circumstances that you do not pay Croydon Waste we reserve the right to return your waste to you as the producer. We do not accept ownership of your waste until payment is made in full.

If you have a credit account with Croydon Waste , invoices must be paid within the period time agreed. If you do not have a credit account, invoices must be paid immediately. If you do not make the sufficient payment, any other services scheduled shall be cancelled until you make payment. This does not limit any other remedies and rights we may have.

Any client with a credit account may be subject to a credit check. The amount of credit is reflected by the health of your credit profile as we see it. If your credit profile changes and we feel we need to reduce the amount of credit we can offer you, we will then issue a request for any amount over this figure as it will become due.

We reserve the right to cancel your account without notice for any reason including but not limited to if we suspect you have been involved in any corruption, bribery, malpractices, illegal activities, offering employment to our staff, trying to influence decisions of our staff, conduct threatening behaviour, or cause avoidable difficulties towards our staff members. If your account is closed, all outstanding invoices are due immediately.


Privacy and Data Protection

We will only use your information to complete our service to you and will also use your data to notify you of similar services we offer unless you tell us otherwise. We may also pass your information to credit reference agencies if you are applying for an account with compliance with the data protection act, we may transfer your information and data as a data controller to any relevant party.

Force Majeure

We are not liable for not completing, fulfilling, or delays in our service due to any Force Majeure. Force Majeure includes but is not limited to any accidents, epidemic, riots, terrorism civil unrest, war, threat of war, weather including rain, flooding, wind, storms, earthquakes, subsidence, natural disasters. Issues with transport including vehicles, trains, ports, highways, telephone networks. If a force majeure event is taking place and we cannot conduct our service, we reserve the right to cancel a service, or delay it at a time that it is suitable, or extend the time taken to complete it. We will take reasonable measures to try and work around the force majeure event, but we cannot guarantee or imply this.

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